From April to June

One of the many advantages in shooting on film it’s the time it takes to get the film scans back and see the results. This gives you enough time to ‘forget’ the sensations you experienced and what you felt at the time you were shooting. So when you get the results from the lab, you will look at the pictures in a more neutral consciousness, like it’s someone else appreciating the pictures.

Rodrigo Cardoso-56

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Street scene in Sveavägen, Stockholm.

Rodrigo Cardoso-118

Rodrigo Cardoso-122

From our 2 days stay in the south of Sweden, Lennart took us on this really beautiful walk thru the woods and over this hill. The view of the Kullaberg Peninsula and Skälderviken bay was absolutely amazing.

Rodrigo Cardoso-124

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2+1 or single fin?

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