From April to June

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Street scene in Sveavägen, Stockholm.

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From our 2 days stay in the south of Sweden, Lennart took us on this really beautiful walk thru the woods and over this hill. The view of the Kullaberg Peninsula and Skälderviken bay was amazing.

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Schlesische Strasse

The Holocaust Memorial, Cora-Berliner-Straße 1

Auguststrasse 25

Aunt Benny, Oderstrasse 7



Motto, Skalitzer Str. 68

Motto, Skalitzer Str. 68

Motto, Skalitzer Str. 68

Keiser Soze, Tucholskystr. 33

Warschauer Strasse



Roamers, Pannierstrassee 64

Roamers, Pannierstrassee 64

Berlin is a big and amazing city. So many things to see and places to go to, you would need more than a couple of days to actually see and feel this city. Will definitely go back.

Embracing a new project

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Discovering beautiful locations around the Algarve for an amazing project to be revealed next year called Casa Mãe.


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My work featured on the Portugal Travel Guide in the latest issue of Monocle magazine.

Winter morning


The September equinox


In the northern hemisphere the September equinox marks the start of fall.

We walked on the dunes under the burning sun looking for hidden beaches. At night we would bathe ourselves in the wild, cook simple meals and sleep in the car. Feels good to be at home after spending some time in the wild.



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On an early winter morning we traveled to Denmark and Sweden. We rode bikes on the streets of Copenhagen and trekked the coast of Sweden.